A) Shopping Bags:

Sewing Shopping Bags is a skill. They can be made in different colors and shapes. During the year nearly 100 women learnt this art.

B) Tailoring and Fashion Designing:

Basic Tailoring, Tailoring special Class, Fashion Designing, House Gown and Salwar Khamij designing Courses are conducted specially for girls and women. In the last 8 years, more than 1500 women have been benefited from tailoring classes. About 300 ladies have started earning and helping their families in their livelihood.

C) Embroidery work:

Course of Croce Embroidery, Machine and Hand Embroidery is conducted for women and girls. During the last 120 members were benefited.

D) Hairstyle and Beauty Tips:

More than 60 women/girls of various age groups were benefited during the last year. The members of various income groups are participants. This facilitates the women/girls of self-employment.

E) Cookery:

One-month course of Cookery in four parts (i.e. Bengali Sweets; Punjabi Dishes, South Indian Snacks, Maharashtrian and Udapi items) is conducted for girls and women. About 30 members were benefited during the last year.

F) Other activities for women:

The activities for women are conducted free of cost to get them acquainted with each other, come closer to each other and get involved in the Centre’s activities such as Cotton Dolls, Darn and Thread, Arabian and Italian Mehandi, Five figure rangoli, Entertainment Programmes, Saving Groups, Film show, Lectures on various relative subjects, Soft toys. Making soft toys is an art. During the last year, about 40 members were benefited.
Also four small saving groups of women are in-corporate and actively working.

9] Activities are conducted for all age groups:

Screen Printing, Typing, Bharat Natyam, Badminton, Table Tennis, Library, Music (light classical, Tabla, Harmonium); Thermocol painting, Craft, Spoken English, Yoga (Separate classes for ladies and gents), Painting (Glass, Hardboard, Ceramic, Fabric).

Expert guides in those fields are conducting all above activities. Members trained under these expert guides also help voluntarily in conducting the activities after completing their training.

10] Environment Awareness Programme:

We have regularly conducted various Environment Awareness programme especially for Students and for the Society such as Painting, Essay, Drama Competition, Environment Awareness Rallies, Plantation Programme jointly with various NGO’s and Government Departments.

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